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Launching Soon! Black Rabbit Medicinals!

Hey, thanks for stopping by our Black Rabbit Medicinals page! 

We're so excited, and we're working very hard to make these premium CBD products available to you!


Q: Wait...I'm confused... What's Black Rabbit Medicinals?

A: Black Rabbit Medicinals is our new CBD line of products! It's the same kitchen, same Mother Rabbit doing what she always does!

Q: CBD? Does that mean you can now ship out of state?

A: Yup! Soon as we're ready for that part, we'll announce it!

Q: What products will you have? Please say candy, please say candy...

A: Well, we're definitely gonna have CBD candy! (Since you asked nicely.) It'll still be the same great taste, made by the same knuckle-tatted hands...there are some other sweet treats coming, so stay tuned!

Q: Do I need a license from the OMMA to purchase from Black Rabbit Medicinals?

A: Not at all! We'll have our CBD products in Oklahoma dispensaries, but we'll also have them in some other types of stores that require no license to enter or purchase.  We'll also have them on a web store for online purchases from other cities or states!  

Q:  Why CBD?  I mean...

A:  Well, first...Premium CBD products can be very medicinal, so we want to offer these to our patients who live out of state, or don't have OMMA licenses.  Some patients can't even really get out of their homes much, so we think the online store will be very helpful.  

Q:  But when though?

A:  We're hoping to have some products available in the next couple of weeks.  Online ordering shortly after that!