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Stores that carry White Rabbit Medicinals 

Updated 5/18/2021

Locations with Other White Rabbit Medicinals products:

420 Degrees - Ponca City

Suckers, Candy, Caramels, Gummies

Alternative Health Care Dispensary - Sapulpa

Butter, Coconut Oil, Caramel

APCO - Tulsa

Suckers, Candy, Gummies

Barn66 - Catoosa

Suckers, Candy, Gummies

Best Dispensary - Midtown Tulsa 

Candy, Caramels, Butter, Coconut Oil

Beyond the Seed - Kellyville

Gummies, Suckers, Candy (low dose)

Bison Cannabis - Newcastle

Butter, Coconut Packs, Caramels, Gummies

Blooms for Wellness- Sapulpa

Suckers, Gummies, Nerd Gummies, Caramel Suckers

Broken Arrow CBD and Dispensary - BA on Elm


Bud Hut - Lawton


Cannabis Emporium - East Tulsa

Butter, Coconut Oil, Suckers, Candy (Low and High Dose)

CannaCove 420 - Skiatook

Suckers, Caramels, Nerd Gummies

Cookies- North OKC

Candy, Caramel, Suckers

Electric Lettuce - Tulsa

Jane West Chillums, Candy (high and low dose), Suckers, Caramels

Emerald Elite Dispensary - Del City

Jane West Chillums

Green Country Bud - Brookside

Caramel, Butter (Medallion and Stick), Suckers, Candy (Low Dose)

Green Country Bud - South Tulsa

Caramel, Butter (Medallion and Stick), Suckers, Candy (Low Dose)

Green Lush - Lawton


GreenCraft - South Tulsa

Suckers, Candy, Gummies

Happy Trees Dispensary - Edmond


Hemp Dispensary - Broken Arrow

Coconut Oil, Caramels, Candy (Low and High Dose), Gummies, Suckers

Hydropolis - Prattville 

Butter Sticks, Coconut Oil, Candy, Gummies

Johnny Appleseed - Henryetta

Leaf Kings - Ponca City

Jane West Chillums, Butter Sticks, Butter Medallions, Candy, Coconut Oil, Caramels, Gummies

Lifted Releaf - Glenpool

Butter (medallions)

Lokis Leaf

Jane West Chillums, Candy, Suckers, Caramels, Caramel Suckers

MCS - Jenks


MedPharm - Coweta

Candy, Caramel, Nerd Gummies

Mojo Risin

Jane West Chillums, Butter Medallions, Coconut Oil, Caramel, Gummies, Suckers

Motherland Dispensary - Tulsa

Native Nugs - Midtown


Native Releaf - Bixby

Caramels, Gummies, Butter, Coconut Oil, Candy, Suckers

Nature's Kiss - South Tulsa


Jane West Chillums, Butter (Sticks and Medallions), Suckers, Coconut Oil

Nectar House - Poteau


Jane West Chillums, Butters (Medallions and Sticks), Candy (high and Low doses), Coconut Oil, Caramels, Suckers

OHG - Prattville

Butter, Coconut Oil, Candy (Low and High Dose), Suckers, Caramels

OHG - South Tulsa

Butter, Coconut, Caramels

OHG - East Tulsa


Rockin Dispensary - Bristow

Gummies, Caramels, Candies, Coconut Oil, Suckers, Jane West Chillums

Strain Station - West Tulsa

Butter, Coconut Oil, Suckers, Candy (Low and High Dose)

Sunset Medicinals - Spiro

Jane West Chillums, Butters (Medallions and Sticks), Candy (high and Low doses), Coconut Oil, Suckers, Gummies

The Bakery - Bixby

Candy, Butter

The Green Door - North Tulsa

Butter, Candy, Suckers

The Green Room OKC

Candy (Low and High Dose), Suckers, Butter, Coconut Oil, Caramel, Merchandise 

The Peace Pipe - Atoka


Candy, Caramel, Suckers

T-Town - Tulsa

Turley's Pot Shop

Butter Medallions, Caramels, Coconut Oil

West Side Wellness - Sand Springs

Candy, Gummies, Suckers

Whole Body Wellness (WBW) - Afton


Butter (Medalions), Coconut Oil, Candy, Suckers, Gummies

Whole Leaf - Tulsa

Coconut oil, Candy (High Dose), Suckers, Caramels

World of Weed - Collinsville

NEW DROP 1/18/21

Candy (Low and High Dose), Suckers, Gummies